Dear Friends of Laytonsville Estates,

Thank you for your interest in Laytonsville Estates. I have been caring for people for nearly 20 years. In 2010, I established Laytonsville Estates because the family members of the people I cared for encouraged me to "make a difference" and have an assisted living home of my own. They noticed and greatly appreciated that I care for people as I would my own parents. The people I care for are relaxed, comfortable and always give me a smile when I am near because of my personal devotion to them.

Our second home was opened in early 2015 to so more people can enjoy the elegant comfort and loving care we provide. We are very proud of our two large, elegant and home-like assisted living homes, located at 8212 and 8220 Brink Road in Laytonsville, Maryland.

Caring for people as if they are my own parents is very rewarding. I know our residents feel secure and cared for in a special loving way. Their family and friends enjoy peace of mind because of my deep commitment to provide compassionate, yet dignified, assisted living care for their loved one. Our staff training program includes observing how I care for people which ensures that the staff provides care and companionship in the same manner.

When you visit with us you will have an opportunity to meet me and our staff. As you tour our two beautiful homes, you will also meet our special residents and witness for yourself what makes Laytonsville Estates so special.


Betty Kasasa, Founder

Old World Care, New World Luxury. Visit Us to See the Difference!