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"Caring for people as if they were our own family"

**We are so pleased to announce that, to accommodate our growing wait list for placement, we'll be breaking ground on a new home later this year. For more information, please reach us directly at (301) 537-6838.**


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Laytonsville Estates includes two exquisite residences that have been created to meet the assisted living needs of independent people in a dignified, elegant setting.

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Laytonsville Estates was established in 2010 as a byproduct of the wishes of the families Betty cared for. They encouraged her to "make a difference" by starting an assisted living home of her own.

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“Betty, her staff and the home itself is a gift from God. Because of them, I have peace of mind coupled with total and complete trust that my Mother is being taken care of with the highest quality of care. ”

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